PAR 16 Warm-On-Dim

LED Parcan 16
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Warm on Dim technology
Triac Dimming
High CRI
No UV radiation

The Showtec Classic series offers a wide range of conventional cans, LED PAR units and LED Pinspots suitable for indoor venues. Each parcan size, from the small Parcan 16 to the Parcan 64, is available for LED and conventional lighting and available in either black and silver (polished). Short Parcans are compact in size and fit ideally on stages and as floorspot, while long Parcans are intended for long-throw applications. The beam angle of Showtec Classic fixtures are ranging from a narrow 3.2° to a wide 90° beam angle with optional or included Warm White, Cool White or (RGB + W or A) coloured output.

The Warm-On-Dim fixtures are Parcans that include a 3000 K WW LED engine with triac dimming, high CRI (>95) for accurate WW colour rendering and silent, fanless operation. The Studio Beams are Parcans suitable for conventional lighting with four different lenses, ideal for exhibitions and commercial lighting solutions. Pinspots have a narrow beam angle, so they are ideal for illuminating small objects and mirror balls.

Each projector offers multiple control options and have included or optional accessories for extending or improving functionalities. Contact us now for free advice and receive an offer you cannot refuse or check out our product pages for more information.

The Par series with Warm-On-Dim technology offer a wide range of classic parcans equipped with the latest LED Technology. The Warm-on-Dim technology mimics the dimming curves of traditional tungsten fixture by having a 3000 K colour temperature at 100 % output and a 1800 K colour temperature once dimmed down to 5 %. Furthermore the advanced LED technology offers a high CRI which is over 95. Also due to the use of LED there is no radiation of UV which makes this series safe to use in e.g. clothing shops and galleries.

Light Source Power: 10 W
Par Model: 16
Luminous Flux (Total): 500 lm
CRI: 95
Beam Angle Max. (Circular): 36°
Power Supply: 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 12 W
Power Connector In: Schuko Plug
Cable Length: 0.50 m
Length (mm): 145 mm
Width (mm): 104 mm
Height (mm): 125 mm
Weight: 0.45 kg
Housing: Aluminium
Colour: Black