Protruss 20

he Protruss 20 is particularly well suited for integrating a decorative accent into various interiors. Ideal for use in shops and/or show room interiors, displays and banner shapes.

The Pro 20 is also increasingly being used for stand construction, especially as a decorative element, due to its small size and light weight combined with large loading capacity.

Its striking industrial design makes the Protruss 20 an eye-catcher in ant environment. The Protruss 20 is available in bright aluminium or any Ral colour one chooses, due to the use of Powder Coated colours and finishes.

The conical connection pieces (mini size) allow quick and easy assembly, without the use of tools. Interal produces a large assortment of corners, arches, circles and special constructions based on the Protruss 20 series.