Protruss 36

The P36 was specially developed for heavy duty applications – for stage applications, stand construction and rentals. In spite of the compact form of the truss, it can be used for building constructions spanning up to 20 m with a high loading factor.

The P 36 truss is available in two versions: rectangular and square. Due to its slender shape, the rectangular model is also much in demand for applications in which the visual image generated plays an important role. The rectangular truss is also ideal from a logistics viewpoint (for storage as well as transport). 

The conical connection pieces (large size) allow quick and easy assembly, practically without the use of tools. Interal produces a large assortment of corners, arches, circles and special constructions based on the Protruss 36 series.

The conical connection piece allows you to assemble your system in the shortest of time