Dust Cover for LAMPY 40

Fabric - black

Cover for LAMPY 40
Protecting against dust and splashing liquid

The Showtec LAMPY DMX lighting controller: Maximise creativity!

The Showtec LAMPY light controllers offer strong features and a very user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes shows easy, fast and fun to design and control.

The Showtec LAMPY series consists of 2 models, the LAMPY 20 with 10 multifunctional faders and the LAMPY 40 with 30 multifunctional faders. Both are available in a 1 and 2 DMX universe version. In addition to an extra universe, the 2 universe versions also offer Art-Net and sACN, groups, presets, fixture view, virtual playbacks, cue-list window and DMX output window on an external (touch) screen.

Via the optional LAMPY DNGL, which is connected via a USB port, the 1 universe versions can be upgraded to 2 universes with the corresponding extra features.

Designing and controlling a light show for a small to medium-sized set up has never been easier. And never so enjoyable. Be surprised by the looks, the intuitive operation and the ease of use of the Showtec LAMPY light controllers, and Maximise your creativity.

The Showtec Dust Cover for LAMPY 40 is a perfect solution for keeping your LAMPY 40 clean from dust and splashing liquid. It fits nicely and is made to survive the rigors of frequent touring.

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Length (mm): 475 mm
Width (mm): 690 mm
Height (mm): 35 mm
Weight: 0.13 kg
Material: Nylon
Colour: Black