SOLOdrive AC 50 W Constant Current

eldoLED SL0561 A 0–10 VDC 2 outputs
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LightShape: Dim to Warm
Hybrid HydraDrive provides smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 1 %
Ledcode supports most constant current LED modules and arrays
NTC interface for robust thermal management
Wide application area thanks to fully configurable dimming curve

LED constant current driver max.50 W
Hybrid HydraDrive: efficient, smooth
and flicker-free dimming

Being a LightShape LED driver, SOLOdrive 561/A lets you replicate the comfortable feeling of how traditional light sources warm in colour as they are dimmed.

Control Mode: 0-10 VDC
Dimmable: Yes
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Output Voltage Vf/Vo Minimum: 1.5 VDC
Output Voltage Vf/Vo Maximum: 55 VDC
Length (mm): 153 mm
Height (mm): 31 mm
Width (mm): 76 mm
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)