Fog Fluid Scent

Strawberry, 20 ml
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Non-toxic Fog Fluid Scent
Natural Strawberry odour
Leaves no residues
Mix 20 ml with 5 – 30 litre Fog Fluid
Suitable for nearly any fog machine

The Showgear Fog Fluid Scent Strawberry adds a pleasant Strawberry odour to your fog in order to create your desired ambience. This Fog Fluid Scent can be added to nearly any fog machine. Its substance is totally safe and leaves no residue. 20 ml Fog Fluid Scent Strawberry can be mixed with 5 - 30 litre fog fluid for a mild to strong smell. Other perfumes are also optional, like: Vanilla, Tutti Frutti, Cocos and Lime.

FX Capacity (L): 0.02 L
Concentrate: Yes
Fragrance: Strawberry