Phantom 3R Hybrid

All-in-one Hybrid Moving Head Including 140 W Osram R3 bulb
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140 W Moving Head for both Spot, Wash and Beam effects
Motorised zoom, focus and frost
6-facet linear & 8-facet circular overlapping prisms
Motorised zoom
12 colours + white
Optional W-DMX (wireless)
Osram R3 discharge bulb included

The Showtec Phantom series offers a wide range of reliable and high performance moving light effects, consisting of various types of Moving Head fixtures (Spot, Wash, Beam, Hybrid, and Matrix FX) and a Moving Zoombar. They all look stylish and create amazing (dynamic) optical effects. Each Phantom fixture can be controlled manually but also has other control options, like DMX and Master/Slave. Phantom units are not only user-friendly, they also contribute to quick rigging on stage due to their lightweight and compact design with a Quick Lock Bracket system or one-clamp mount.

The Phantom series consists of a diverse range of moving show light units. Consider, for example, the Phantom Spots with a wide beam angle, which covers a large surface with colourful moving gobos. If you prefer a razor-sharp beam for events with a high energy level, then the Phantom 3R Beam is an excellent option in combination with smoke or mist. The Phantom 180 Wash offers yet another Moving Head effect, providing a soft edged output with four separately controllable sections and a wide adjustable beam angle, perfect for vivid colour-mixing on stage.

The Phantom Hybrid and Matrix FX are special units. The Hybrid is able to create Spot, Wash and Beam effects while the Matrix FX offers Individual Pixel Control (5 x 5) on which you can display detailed animations, such as characters and numbers.

Each fixture offers multiple control options, functionalities and effects. Also, optional dedicated flight cases are available for safe and easy transport. Contact us now for free advice and receive an offer you cannot refuse or check out our product pages for more information.

The Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrid is an all-in-one true Hybrid Moving Head that can easily change from Spot to Wash to Beam, suitable for indoor venues. Its intense 140 watt Osram 3R discharge light engine and motorised focus with auto focus function creates razor sharp beams and gobos at almost any distance. The overlapping circular and linear rotating prisms can be independently controlled and create dynamic beam effects. The Phantom 3R Hybrid operates within a 3°–20° motorised zoom range in both Spot, Wash and Beam modus for ultimate light control.

Light Source Type: Discharge
Light Source Quantity: 1
Light Source Power: 140 W
Luminous Flux (Total): 4707 lm
CRI: 70
CCT: 9200 K
Beam Angle Max. (Circular): 20°
Zoom Type: Motorised
Zoom Minimum: 3°
Zoom Minimum: 20°
Frost: Yes
Focus: Motorised
Control Mode: Auto / DMX / Manual / Master Slave / Sound
DMX Channels: 14 / 19
Protocols: DMX
Wireless: Optional
Display: LCD
Dimmer: 0-100 %
Strobe: 0-20 Hz
Shutter: Yes
Prism 1: 8-facet
Prism 2: 6-facet
Prism Overlay: Yes
Colour System: Colour Wheel
Dichroic Colour Wheel 1: 12 + Open
Gobo System: Glass + Metal
Gobo Wheel 1: 16 + Open
Gobo Wheel 2: 8 + Open
Pan: 540°
Tilt: 260°
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 270 W
Power Connector In: Power Pro Blue
Power Connector Out: Power Pro Grey
DMX Connector: XLR 3P In/Out
Length (mm): 325 mm
Width (mm): 210 mm
Height (mm): 505 mm
Weight: 16.7 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Metal / Plastic
Colour: Black