E27 Dropper

2 m
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Durable dropper for creating fancy LED lighting
E27 socket
Available in different lengths 50–300 cm

The Showtec Classic series offers a wide range of conventional cans, LED PAR units and LED Pinspots suitable for indoor venues. Each parcan size, from the small Parcan 16 to the Parcan 64, is available for LED and conventional lighting and available in either black and silver (polished). Short Parcans are compact in size and fit ideally on stages and as floorspot, while long Parcans are intended for long-throw applications. The beam angle of Showtec Classic fixtures are ranging from a narrow 3.2° to a wide 90° beam angle with optional or included Warm White, Cool White or (RGB + W or A) coloured output.

The Warm-On-Dim fixtures are Parcans that include a 3000 K WW LED engine with triac dimming, high CRI (>95) for accurate WW colour rendering and silent, fanless operation. The Studio Beams are Parcans suitable for conventional lighting with four different lenses, ideal for exhibitions and commercial lighting solutions. Pinspots have a narrow beam angle, so they are ideal for illuminating small objects and mirror balls.

Each projector offers multiple control options and have included or optional accessories for extending or improving functionalities. Contact us now for free advice and receive an offer you cannot refuse or check out our product pages for more information.

Extend your creativity and add another level to any E27-socket setup, literally. The Showtec E27 Dropper extension-cables, available in lengths of 50 cm, 1 m, 2 m and 3 m, offer exactly that. Change your presentation by simply using these extension-cables. Just add some Droppers to give your venue a different look and feel instantly. You can change the look and feel of an Edison-setup just by using various lengths of Showtec Dropper cables.

Light Socket: E27
Power Supply: 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Connector In: E27 In
Power Connector Out: E27 Out
Cable Length: 2 m
Weight: 0.208 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Material: Rubber
Colour: Black