The manufacturing of circles is one of the specialities of Interal T.C. Single tubes, flat, triangle, square, rectangular and elliptical circles. Whatever the required shape, dimension or type, we can supply them. We offer two different lines for maximum interchangeability, the Protruss range and the Intertruss range.

Interal is a Dutch producer of aluminium truss systems. We manufacture trusses: ladder trusses, triangular, square, circular and elliptical trusses and all kinds of special truss designs. All our trusses are available in a range of sizes: 20/20, 30/30, 30/40, 40/40 or 40/60 and tube thicknesses: 32x1.5, 50x2, 48x3, 50x3 or 50 x 4.

A complete circle is always delivered in parts. You will find a list of standard possibilities with regard to dimensions and the number of parts in this brochure. For the number of parts we always advice our customers a multiple of four, so the possibilities in use of the circle is increased . We advise our customers to not make the bent parts longer than 3.5 meters.

The number of parts can be increased or decreased on request of the customer as far as this is technically possible. It is also possible to buy a part of a circle.

Interal T.C. circles are always manufactured with great accuracy. This makes it possible to fit a part at any place of the whole. Parts of different circles that have the same size can be interchanged. This enables problemfree replacement of a defective part.

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