ProfiLED 150 RGBW

An innovative tool for lighting designers: in one compact RGBW LED source 16 millions of colours for sharp, concentrated, adjustable light beam, with possibility of gobo and slides projection. Suitable for dynamic lighting projects both in theatres and TV studios, for saturated and intense colour effects and adjustable white colour temperature through DMX and RDM controls.

Useful in architectural applications for new lighting solutions: as a result of the high efficiency/low consumption and the extra long life of the source, Profiled 150 RGBW can reduce the maintenance cost in heavy applications.

Main Features

Independent control of the 4 colour channels plus grand master and strobe effect. With the possibility of selecting 8 or 16 bit DMX definition; plus grand master and strobe control.

the system selects automatically on one channel several presets of colour temperature from 2900 to 6000K with grand master and strobe. Hues and saturation: the system allows to preset any possible hues and through a dedicated channel it controls the saturation of the preset hue. Always with grand master, strobe.

the system simulates the subtractive combination of the colours in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow components in order to make the behaviour of the device similar to the one of conventional light sources with filters

All the fixtures can be configured as “master” or “slave”. In the slave configuration the slave unit copies exactly what the “master fixture” is doing with the further option. In the DMX configuration the slave fixture can take the same channel and function of the master or, alternatively it can accept the next free DMX channels after the master

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