ProfiLED 200

200W, high efficiency,
long-lasting, white light LED.
Zoom 11° - 23° (ZS) / 16° - 32° (ZW)

The extra long life of the LED source, together with the high efficiency, makes them very interesting for large architectural applications as well, where they dramatically reduce the maintenance cost.

The internal electronic dimming facility, the high efficiency, and the choice of LED of different colour temperatures (3000-4000-5000K) make these fixtures ideal both for theatre and film-TV applications.

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Main Features

The ProfiLED 200 units are based on the same housing of Evolution Halogen 1200W Profile in order to keep the same professional features: the strong aluminium body, the excellent good heat dissipation and the use of the same family of accessories

Light output higher than the usual 1000W halogen lamps, with energy saving and less heat production

  • The extra long life of the light sources, more than 30.000 hours, practically cancels the maintenance cost especially where the lamp replacement is uneasy

  • The very smooth dimming control let it be coordinated with any other kind of intelligent lights

  • Real further energy saving when dimming, since the reduction of light corresponds to the real reduction of the costs

  • Clean light sources without mercury and radioactive components

  • Dimming without any colour temperature shift and without any external mechanical support

  • No dangerous UV and IR rays for the safe lighting of the people and objects

  • Longer life for any coloured plastic filters