FresneLED 50 CW - WW - NW

High efficiency, long-lasting, innovative white light sourc. A family of Fresnel luminaires with 50W white led chip available in a wide bunch of options, suitable to the most comprehensive uses: from the most simple plug in version, to the professional version with DMX and local dimming control. Ideal for installation where energy saving and maintenance cost reduction are important: shop windows, malls, museums, exhibitions, art galleries and rental companies, but also: small TV studios, photographer etc.

  • Adjustable beam from 12°to 76°

  • Light output higher than the usual 300W halogen lamps, with energy saving and less heat production

  • Life, at least 10 times longer than any halogen lamp: saving the cost of the lamp and of its replacement

  • No dangerous UV or IR rays for the safe lighting of the people and objects

  • Extra long life of any coloured filters thanks to the cold and clean light beam

  • Different colour temperature versions available with the same long life of the source ( 3000 K, 4000 K, 5700 K )

  • Possibility of dimming, without the problem of changing the colour temperature

  • Real further energy saving when dimming: as the reduction of light corresponds to the real reduction of the costs

  • Clean light source without mercury and radioactive components

  • Use of the same range of accessories of the standard mini range (barn door, filter holder, hooks, etc)

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