FresneLED 200 UD

High efficiency, long life, powerful white light source, zoom 14°-81°, 200W UNIVERSAL DIMMING Four control options:
  • Mains dimmable
  • DMX
  • Local with potentiometer
  • Optional wireless remote 100-240 Volt auto sensing operation

    LED light output comparable to a 1000W incandescent source using only 1/5 of the current. Life expectancy projected to 30000 hours reduces or eliminates expensive maintenance.
  • Main Features

    Available in 3 colour temperatures:
  • 3000K Warm to match existing halogen light sources,
  • 4000K Natural,
  • 5000K Cool for daylight applications

  • Line dimmable feature easily integrates with existing dimmed installation.

  • DMX version can eliminate dimmer and expensive high current in new installations.

  • Rental productions will find the Universal Dimming easily adapts to any control system.

  • High efficiency LED source, approaching 100 lumen per Watt, makes FresneLED 200 UD ideal when energy saving is a key factor.

  • Selectable dimming curve

  • Adjustable refresh rates for flicker free operation with cameras

  • Adjustable fan allows for silent operation Strobe function

  • The absence of UV and IR extends gel life.

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