FresneLED 600 WW
High intensity fresnel fixture with 600W COB LED 3200K for professional use in large theatres, TV studios, concerts, etc.

The light output of this fixture is equivalent to one of a 2000/2500W halogen lamp with a life of 30.000 hours and the use of only 600W.

FresneLED 600 WW uses the same housing of the well-known VARIO 25 halogen spotlight, in order to keep the same professional features: strong aluminium die-cast structure with excellent ventilation for the best heat dissipation and the use of the same standard family of accessories.

  • Lower installation cost: smaller general power boards and size on the mains lines no external dimmers. The fixture is directly dimmable through local control panel or through external DMX

  • no dedicated power lines: just one line can power several units thanks also to “in and out” Powercon connectors

  • Lower maintenance costs: smaller energy bill no costs for lamp purchase and replacement longer life of colour filters

  • Other important features are: selection of 3 different curves of DMX: standard, tungsten response simulation, fluorescent response simulation selection of 3 different PWM frequencies, in the dimmer function, to avoid interferences with any possible video camera

  • RDM function for the remote control of all the above functions from light board or PC

    Läs mer om FresneLED 600 WW (pdf)