FresneLED 150 RGBW

RGBW 150W LED source colour rendering comparable to a 500/650W incandescent lamp, with a life of 30.000 hours.

Great use flexibility both in entertainment and architectural field thanks to its colour rendering combined with the low maintenance cost. Direct dimming in DMX/RDM for a simplified electric system needless of dimmer.

The 150W chips gives a light output higher than a 500W halogen lamp in white light and like a 1 kW for the most important colours.
Main Features

  • Zoom from 16° spot to 45° even field flood

  • More than 16 millions of pure colours in RGBW configuration

  • Selectable CCT white control from 3000 to 6500K

  • Cyan Magenta Yellow configuration compatible with subtractive colour systems

  • “ Hue and Saturation “ direct control for the reseach of the most sophisticated “nuance”

  • Slave and master set up for quick control of large installations

  • 8 or 16 bit control for extra soft dimming even at very low levels

  • RDM function for faster setup and control

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