FollowLED 250 RGBW

250W high efficiency LED Followspot with a light output higher than a 1000W halogen lamp with a choice of 16 millions of colours.

Ideal for rental companies because of its extreme flexibility of application: the compact size and low power required make its use easy in any circumstance.

Main Features

  • 8° to 19° zoom in order to use the followspot up to 30 m far

  • Iris diaphragm with blackout

  • Four independent shutters for further adjustment of the beam

  • Dedicated gobo slots for images projections

  • No special power lines required: only 300W normal mains line

  • No external dimmer required

  • No lamps replacement (30.000 hours of life)

  • No replacement of faded colour filters: a practically infinite choice of colours directly generated by the LED

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