Area Modular

New applications for the well known professional Fresnel Spotlight, with replaceable modules for Halogen, HID and LED light sources AREA 12 Halogen 650 - 1200W AREA 12 HID 250W AREA 12 LED 100W

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Main Features

Thanks to the original project of the AREA 12 where the electrical part is removable from the lantern, it is now possible to use AREA 12 with 3 different light modules for 3 kind of light sources according the need of the customers.

AREA 12 Halogen
  • with module for halogen lamps
  • from 650 to 1200W
  • colour temp 3200 and 3050K
  • life from 200 to 700 hours
  • dimmable from the mains
    For TV studios and theatre applications

    AREA 12 HID 250
  • with module for 250W
  • high efficiency discharge lamps
  • complete with power supply
  • suitable for two sets of lamps:
  • ceramic CST 250W 3200K, 4000 hours
  • daylight MSD 250W, 3000 hours
  • non dimmable.
    For architectural and TV application

    AREA 12 LED 100
  • with module for the new 100W white LED chip of ultra high efficiency
  • available in three different colour temperatures: 3000, 4000 and 6000K
  • life over 30.000 hours
  • direct dimming through DMX and local pot.
    Extra wide applications:TV studios, theatre, architectural and commercial installations