TEATERTEKNIK is one of the leading lighting companies in Scandinavia.

Since 1976, when the company was founded by the director Peter Hallin, TEATERTEKNIK has been firmly based on three areas of the industry, sales, rentals, and design and production for theatres, events, trade shows etc.

The experience from many different parts of the field has been beneficial to the company and has given extensive knowledge not only of products and their users but also of the different needs and utilizations of lights.


TEATERTEKNIK is the Swedish representative for a number of the worlds major manufacturers to the lighting industry - the right products for any occasion with good value for money is the result.

These international contacts are also vital in the process of exchanging information about trends and news in the business.

The rental department is one of the largest in Sweden. With a total length of a kilometre of trussing, thousands of lamps, smoke machines, effects and simple as well as advanced lighting consoles Teaterteknik is well equipped to meet any demand.

Design and production

The project department is not only involved in traditional stage performances but also in company profile activities, launches, kick-off's, openings, conferences etc.

The list could be never ending.
The creative quality of lighting

The awareness of lighting and the creative quality of the same has been greatly increased during the last couple of years. The great musicals without the lights is an unthinkable thought. Since the beginning of the 80's the methods and experiences drawn from the world of the theatre has been applied to other activities in which communication is essential. Today lights are not only used to give light, it is also an instrument to create certain atmospheres or moods, and properly utilized, it focuses the interest and attention to the displayed object. Together with just a few decorative elements, the lights can turn a dull warehouse into a glittering ball room.

Only to scientists light is a physical phenomena, to us it is an experience. Our lives and thoughts are affected by the light, not only by the basic phases like day and night, also by colours, shades, directions and intensity.

The light is carrying an emotional message in a language everybody understands.

TEATERTEKNIK also speaks the language of light.